The Earth and ourselves we will contact through the first chakra, below us the earth’s where we come back again. A literal way, here on earth that we will accept through the first chakra. Life for the first time “yes” is the place we call.


Indeed, to accept the people must make peace with his own human nature. Its own existence, the first power center must accept. If you provide a balance in this part of our body, we own our house under our skin, we feel comfortable and confident, this is the most simple level, we need to survive. If we supported their own bodies, rooted in and feel comfortable, we are filled with angers.


Very phase of pain and anger, filled with miserable people, but still remain tied to a part of the states of their own misery, because this feeling is at least familiar to them. Only later to get rid of the pain, that tells who is a bigger pain in the open?


In the past, to remember those who, suffering and unresolved debate revives old. To give an example to us that life and the food is lost ancestors or relatives, as if life-sustaining water on fears about the interest, in this case is weakened once again, ere we become rakes. Please intense low back pain. However, if we accept is completely delivered, move forward in life. Low back pain need to be aware of what once emerged. Ourselves, our family and life as well as whether to accept the delivery when we get away pain.


Trust in God, that everything is God. If you are yourself, a very severe back pain while experiencing it on your skin, the best thing you can do anything at all should be doing. This is extremely difficult for many of us. Now we want to heal. “Never do anything, just sit down,” promised, here is really suited to this situation. Contraction will decline over time. Accept and trust you only. If you listen to your body and forces, not only empower the issue further.


For decades and even more deeply rooted anxieties find the source of the womb and give them healing, solve physical level, started the incredible emotional changes may be a catalyst. If you only when you pass your mind, even if you have a concern both the old, or find a way to clean it in time it will make you sick.


To do with Reiki Meditation,


Be open to everyday life and prepares us to accept it. Take a deep breath, hold breath, and then animate the root chakra, even something as simple as the ground, releasing more stem makes us feel. When the roots are more powerful, and it is fear and insecurity do not hear the capacity increases.


The opposite is the reception of the PROCEEDINGS.

Reiki meditation to be aware of your body, your body is the first step to acceptance.


People use when they do not accept something, something tells us a lot of expressions. “Kin to feed”, “to stay connected to the Past”, “to be filled with pain” concepts such as these will. All of these expressions, bodily pain in bondage and raises.


Accept that we live in a sense, unless you are under the effect means that the world of imagination. Although we are usually aware of it, being able to accept a man because of that person’s control of our lives that allow us to live the illusion.

This is a cycle that we will insist not only to stop us.

At the theoretical level,


a great and noble ideal.


Many people, accepting a poor community has provided great benefits to us, although, as always when we choose to live in resentment and the trial is a price to be paid do not understand the physical.


The judicial mind ATTACHING THE JURISDICTION AND BODY OF DISEASES It is characterized by.



To accept one of his crimes does not mean to donate. Only, now you do not want to burn with a sense of pain caused by his means. You agree to someone else to save yourself from the slavery of anger.

Anger that we shared between us and any person claims to be a point that we accept that as long as it would be impossible. If, instead, if I try to imagine the feelings of other people, we feel anger and resentment iron chains begin to relax.


Empathy to hear, does not mean sympathize. Sympathy, “I feel like you” I mean, empathy, “I know how to gaze in,” he says. The best thing about empathy, the way it enables a healthy separation. “You do not need to feel your pain, just like you, I also need to remember the pain we took.” He says. Empathy, we are all different, but also understand the concerns that we are connected with each other.


If you react if you find yourself in someone else’s behavior, the first thing you will get these people to imagine that seven years old.


Man shaking his fist to you in traffic, in fact it is not the time to deal with a father is nothing more than a little child. The hospital’s emergency ward of a brute in charge that, in fact he said many times that he was ugly and stupid shy, little girl is not someone else.


If you allocate your time to see the hurt and pain, tenderness to touch and to continue your day easier for you.

LIVING WITHOUT compassion, acceptance COMBUSTION IS FOR PEOPLE TO. POISON, penetrates every cell of your body and often disastrous CANCER AS A CAUSE WHAT HAPPENS.


The world’s leading cancer researchers for many years, all of a sudden a normal cell to become cancerous cells that are trying to find out what is causing. Response not yet been found. Acknowledge stress, causes certain changes in healthy cells up to the idea that other explanations seem possible.


Love yourself.

Love your life and leave history.

You not only painful memories of the past.

You do not have to hurt yourself.

Meditation with Reiki to heal with the case of the root chakra, to experience acceptance and acceptance will be much more successful.


Acceptance, acceptance and spiritual bodies are also found on the bottom. It all starts here. If you start your day with acceptance and gratitude, some of the greatest men who lived in the same way you are followed. Muhammad, Jesus, Buddha, VBZ .. all you can think of as an extraordinary man, capable of accepting everything had a unique way.


If you accept a man if you can, you can accept yourself and your life in a unique feeling of lightness. Angers, resentments will disappear and we all realize that is associated with each other. Accepting within yourself, you feel resonates in your cells.


Accept your family and your brothers. Your spouse, your relatives, your teachers, your boss and your friends to accept it. Accept your children. The first person who broke your heart to show understanding and accept it. Accept the last person who insulted you. Yet some people not being able to agree on everything, including the understanding of the show, and accept yourself. When you are ready to accept it and you will understand them and to make it earlier, you can not even imagine that it is possible you will feel a sense of relief. Will experience a state of gratitude.

If you choose to evaluate the capabilities of your everyday life, such as understanding and acceptance, you are giving a very valuable gifts.

We are living in Levh-i Mahfuz century.

History, we want everything to be easy to spot in a. We highly value the ease. We want a pill to improve and fix everything. We want to pass our lives and our children’s life painlessly. So, a new diet, trying a new medication or what they actually are looking for a new religion? Without losing courage that we want to work easily and perfectly.


If you want  healing in any area of your life and if you are willing for this work, you will also encounter the miracles. We are here with Reiki attunaments and Levh-i Mahfuz to get you to live this awareness and to intoduce you with your essence in the Levh-i Mahfuz century.

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