The ability to stability in humans, the third chakra is located. This place, located just below the heart center, the body covers the entire digestive system and liver, pancreas, kidneys, and adrenal gland is associated with. The target center, the navel.

During my vacation in the womb, the umbilical cord through the nutrient we get from here. This center is born, then we will continue to be a powerful source of energy. When it is enabled ourselves and makes us feel more alive and powerful.

The third chakra is not effective unless the person lives as if it were a dungeon.

Life means nothing to him.

The third chakra is a well-developed human is usually full of energy, and for the purposes of regular walking is one of the strong steps. The third chakra is concerned, we do not have to talk to people face to give a message to people, often even in the presence of these people speak quite loudly on its own. In addition, strong will, determination, a great personal strength and durability.

Developed the navel center, a weak man, unkempt, lack of concentration attracts, his thoughts into a reality of life and to life itself offers no energy and constantly living with the frustration and anger appear to be one. Commonly used phrases, the things that we know instinctively about the features of the power center.

The third chakra, which is a very powerful one, the “cheeky one” or “I have a gem in the true expressions such as’ use.

This chakra is the element FIRE. In meditation, the power center of the first two, is said to be flame-burning fuel. This is the third chakra also becomes stronger and directed action. The third chakra becomes active when it comes to you, gives the ability to experience the moment and eternity.

Belly of a man with a powerful energy center, has control over the actions. Belly fire hole, all the old habits and ways of behavior is said to be used to purify them and incinerate. Trying to quit, or third chakra is the energy of the regime who want to stimulate a person’s life, and this energy will be very useful in more bites.

Reiki and meditation, the third chakra and discover your ability to be steady, determination “BE HERE NOW” you will find that request. Real commitment, to make you want to do something. Not only to receive the results.

This is why meditation and Reiki definitely not weed. The most difficult, even in the darkest times, you will benefit from this method and determination, victory will be yours.

Endurance, muscular power is not connected. In meditation, such as the kind of depends on how deep breathing’ve made. Proportional to the length and depth of your breathing and stamina.

Even if you do not want to meditate ever get the earrings on your ears, lungs and abdomen begin to breathe Stop breathing.

The length and depth of breathing in your soul, your shopping, opposite you can determine the impact on human beings.

FOR OTHER PEOPLE HOW MUCH YOU that made it appealing when you breathe deeply and slowly.

If you leave your stomach muscles while breathing completely free, open diaphragm and lungs for years, perhaps for the first time since the dollar at full capacity. At that moment, God wants you consent to breathe. Breathe correctly, this is your innate right to the most natural.

If you are committed to your breathing, you’re committed to each subject.

Wore and ate all your life may change. Wear anything you like, but, if it restricts the wearing much tighter and breathe shopping, there are benefits to not reconsider your priorities. More oxygen, your health and your life on the back of your surroundings is how much more will benefit.

People from other parts of the abdominal region much more interested in appearance and almost bodies. To be healthy, your waist, the fashion world as an ideal contrast to the image, you must allow the expansion of the hip bones slightly above. Please, for yourself, let’s acceptance of the abdomen and the third chakra area.

Advanced humans, there are lots of very quiet breathing. Normally, we breathe about fifty times per minute. If you breathe ten times per minute if you are very much alive. If you are breathing five times per minute if you’re very smart. Once you breathe in a minute if you’re unbeatable.

The womb, our mother’s physical and emotional habits of many stereotypes through us. We learn our mother’s habit of breathing. Some mothers smoke, drink alcohol, or full of anger and fear. Some of them remained calm during the birth, some will lose consciousness. We give a natural way we were born breathing. But grow up, feel the breath as long as the mother’s womb where we begin to exchange lots of imitators. We return to our mother’s taught the habit of breathing.

Reiki meditation to heal itself by making a person showing very little effort is taken a major step towards becoming a LIVE. Fight with ego. It takes courage to take a step. Sign, find the peace of mind, go ahead.

Suppressed anger is expressed as the disease itself.

Verbal aggression, including violence at home, many families are considered normal. Whether you are experienced almost everywhere slum wants to get a mansion. Of course it has a lot of reasons. But the anger, there is something to deal with on an individual basis. No one can not destroy someone else’s anger. The only thing that works to focus on their anger.



Reiki and Meditation, this anger, rather than ruin your life in a constructive way to make the referral.

Although western medicine, stress is a major influence on our health but also to have accepted the new, recently published research to distinguish between different emotions, our health and well-being have been researching on the special effects.

Dr. Redford Williams, Anger Kills (ANGER KILLS) in his book, which is expressed verbally stated in detail the effects of anger on health private. Is made on the basis of clinical trials, patients, especially men, have discovered literally killing themselves with anger. Us to make our anger verbally, is harmful consequences on the health of people around us. In another study of women’s combination of a direct connection was found between cigarette addiction and anger. Most smokers start smoking women has been observed that the most angry.

If you want, and Reiki consciousness Lawh-i Mahfuz with MEDITATION, with the possibility of finding the cure you of any material without damaging the world opens its doors to a full.

Body, liver, anger manifests itself in the first place. Liver, endocrine gland and an incredible sense of the word poison in our blood to throw in a filtered, expertly designed. The liver is an organ that can withstand a long time before we start to make trouble. We all, liver cirrhosis, often over a drink or a drug habit that we know that, in fact, this occurs after the downloaded poison substances that our bodies over the years. At the end of the liver can not perform heavy lifting and starts to stall.

What we hear constantly from people, they would not know how to deal with their anger with those used by the drink for drink or drugs. For knowing what to do with it glide into the darkness of addiction.

If you are addicted to alcohol or drugs, life never able to say yes.

Determined MEDITATION TO DO IF, IF continues to change, should be respected.

BUT your mind, God can not do anything.


You can change, everything changes.

Case of the third chakra meditation with Reiki to heal, stable posture and to experience non-judgment will be much more successful.

We are living in Levh-i Mahfuz century.

History, we want everything to be easy to spot in a. We highly value the ease. We want a pill to improve and fix everything. We want to pass our lives and our children’s life painlessly. So, a new diet, trying a new medication or what they actually are looking for a new religion? Without losing courage that we want to work easily and perfectly.

If you want  healing in any area of your life and if you are willing for this work, you will also encounter the miracles. We are here with Reiki attunaments and Levh-i Mahfuz to get you to live this awareness and to intoduce you with your essence in the Levh-i Mahfuz century.

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