The second chakra, desire, passion, dualism, polarity, movement, change and creativity are related. Our bodies, bodies associated with the production. This chakra is within us that is related to a lot of contention. Filled by the presence in the center of all this, yet people still find it hard to sexuality, reconciles with the idea of ​​creativity. Persons acting too independently of the central movements, emotions, desires and ambitions are governed by motives.

The second chakra is well developed, the ideas and decisions you are ambitious and willing. To speak, this center is affected, emotionally, glorified, flexible and aimed at a target. This dissolving of individuality touch on it to merge with others, you open a center that could make.

Whatever you do, what you are doing a work of art Make the OR NO OR DO NOT. LEAVE EVERYTHING, let express your creativity.

This is the center of positive vibrations, living, colorful, vibrant and has a deep understanding.

One man, this center is blocked, the joyless life, her world is empty and is tiring and boring. This chakra is stimulated excessively, people will see everything from sexual level. Every thing is said or done is intended for a single goal in mind. The nature of one’s ambition, full of feed.

Human beings have consciousness sexually and as a result, the only creature on earth, perhaps the most unsafe sexual creatures.

Anyone who sees the world mainly by staying under the influence of the second chakra, they see everything as a sexual object. In fact, it is much larger. All the vigor of life and movement, is the energy of this chakra.


This is a large amount of chakra as a result of voltage angers, resentment, and blockages in this region, such as mental blockages can lead to serious consequences. In the second chakra “injuries” to pass between the problematic menstrual period, infertility, kidney and bladder problems, prostate cancer, ovarian cancer, hormonal imbalances, and can be counted much more discomfort.

Creativity is a skill that raised the most money related issues. Research, relations with the two most frequently encountered problem is that the money and sexuality.

Money, the symbol of nectar of life. Love yourself and others in honor of those rare people who are trained, many probably do not give money. The most appropriate way to handle the money for all of us just need to act like a river. This is an elegant and functional mental basis of an economic fact.

The second chakra, associated with the element of water. Money in our lives to flow in a natural way to get to know a practical way to remind yourself how important it is, is to remember to drink plenty of water.

If you yourself, if you find you feel the fear and guilt about the money, you must make sure to drink enough water. This is thousands of times, you need a practical proposal to be healthy. You follow this, however, I wonder how often?

Start by knowing the flow of your life. We have liquid, living things more than anything else in our bodies. We need to make and to drink urine. If you do not receive the body of liquid, with funds also should consider the possibility of your stay dry.

Your creativity with God, higher consciousness through the contact, so people start to experience the full creative ability.

Be aware of your surroundings. Children can easily do it. They may be childish, and already this is what is important. Bring out your creativity again, usually the past, an abundant life within you the right time to do a tour in a small means. In you and seeing the colors of a soap bubble, the sharp edge of a grass resting our mouths to learn to play the whistle, or who enjoys listening to grasshoppers is very important to contact with the self.

On sexuality, awareness and action is up to you. Leave the guilt behind. Instead, examine yourself. Then you, your friends and favorite people, take action to change the inefficient one. Get help and advice if necessary.

Criminality has a purpose. Just as anger, fear and pain, such as the specific locations that also has a lot of guilt. Criminality is a warning to you let me, let you tell the time sapped by its own values. Apologize. Know an apology. Here ends of guilt. If the guilt, fear and anger that we use as a warning, such as inflammation begins within us Unless we use our creativity and deprives us.

IF YOU READ IT WITH A topic you want to learn.

IF YOU WANT IT WITH AN EXPLORE their understanding.

Mastering the O MATTER AND IF YOU WANT, IT Tech.

Share with others, in a sense related to the energy of the second chakra. Creativity, fuses us with other people. -Mediated living with sexuality, creating a union with someone else enters the zone. To be human, to create a new life means that we are absolutely dependent on someone else.

Beyond this simple fact, many jobs that require creativity with other people requires us to enter into mutual relationship. Although, to amuse ourselves and created the job is created, or if we share it with others much richer artistic efforts. No one alone, and no reason for anyone to create a relationship that we have never experienced installing the requirement.

Creativity starts with a sense of touch. Especially desired environment or people, as your eyes closed to everything but touch everything, feel it. We touch and feel whatever else it is to touch the whole world.

Intense feelings of guilt and grief, self-hatred to end the stage. This, you will never attractive enough, smart enough, is a voice that says that you are not good enough.

This self-hatred, should compel us more, directed outward. All of rape or sexual violence, a form of self-hatred directed at someone else to. Many of us hate ourselves at some point in our lives. Although everyone should act in such terrible ways, this is mainly deeply felt emotion. For that reason, the crimes of sexual violence or causes sudden changes in emotions, because a certain level, but not the action itself and the basis of a deeply felt emotion.


Incredibly, one of the millions of sperm into an egg at the full ripe, this is a miracle. You are not unique in the world to be holy and perfect varlıksın.

Every human being has a sacred purpose. For this purpose, and only you are in the world. This is a monumental discovery, the making or doing, or without realizing it changed the life of someone else’s behavior that may be full of goodness.

The chance to use your creativity in your life you will find many things. Is never too late to start. New life can begin to create the next or the next breath. The choice is yours.

Determined MEDITATION TO DO IF, IF continues to change, should be respected. BUT your mind, God can not do anything.


You can change, everything changes.

Case of the second chakra meditation with Reiki to heal, to experience and creativity to create will be much more successful.

We are living in Levh-i Mahfuz century.

History, we want everything to be easy to spot in a. We highly value the ease. We want a pill to improve and fix everything. We want to pass our lives and our children’s life painlessly. So, a new diet, trying a new medication or what they actually are looking for a new religion? Without losing courage that we want to work easily and perfectly.

If you want  healing in any area of your life and if you are willing for this work, you will also encounter the miracles. We are here with Reiki attunaments and Levh-i Mahfuz to get you to live this awareness and to intoduce you with your essence in the Levh-i Mahfuz century.

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