Mystical disinformation


Refers to a reality that is superstitious and is engaged in the war the main cause of non-symmetrical, mystical disinformation. Mystical disinformation, is never limited to a single book.

Operating system running on the background of today’s spiritual books,

Masonic doctrine of the universe.

Poison that is injected into the teachings of the spiritual is a real threat to passengers.

Today at the point, false-information-corpus

A total of tens of thousands of books in a library.

MENTAL seeking freedom, seeking freedom in this way, but in reality, it promises to give its support to the freedom that makes it impossible to jump over the corpus of this false-information-must.

Freedom, freedom is a victory to be won even though the books.


Scene, little one has remained unchanged throughout history. The latest technology which is the product of truth, in the face of the earth whenever the current era has found obsolete-information-encyclopedia. False-information, and their superstitious-wise …

Truth is, all mankind are equalized, and the scene where the ordinary people in a chorus of everybody. False-information-fields that have the.

These areas and people who promise never to leave.

False-information-library, someone is talking, someone is listening in a culture. In fact, can tell very word, which is the wisdom of exporting to hit a lot of ordinary people, were sentenced to listen to a variety of ways and methods.

The masses of people who thought unworthy of being my child.

Do not think them and never unconscious.

Everyone should know that the suffering of the people ignorant and sad, is not possible in today’s modern and well-educated people can remove.

Learned our people, which breaks the know-looking characters, instead of people will be put disdained, and when he learned our cuts, telling the validity of those sweet words will cease altogether.

Uneducated people, do not use the information for the gods to take a lot of help. Forward in the areas of third pages of newspapers or on television aside from the people of marginalized people apart … the real masses of the people, with the ability to find the path of divine intuition.

Someone is talking, listening to someone, the real person who needs to talk;

A minimum wage that can hold three children and had a lot to sustain his family face a man who can laugh.

Specialist characters, even if he can not live a week under the load carried by the man.

In this case, the man who has actual knowledge on his back Is not it impossible?

Moreover, good schools, who teach him, that controls whether or not covered in the evening were going to sleep, he was not fond of my parents.

IMAGINE EXCHANGE, OL RICH teachings pink narrators, the voice of falsehood. He is the true meaning of man himself.

To give lessons about life to be somebody, no doubt, and the success story of the real secret, no 3-year survival of all that the story of unemployed people find work in the factory.



Ages vary. Geographies changes. Climates, atmospheres vary. But many out of the community before the sound of someone in this photo will never change.

Reflex in the scene to seize the dominant characters, human progress and

the biggest obstacle to self-confidence. Society, something about teaching people … and something that shows excessive effort, however, been compelled to believe that individuals who learned from someone.

And it’s something wholesaler of the universe: the Lord of Heavens

Chaotic dot setter in the universe. Zero tolerance to the elite class to see what the gods on earth … GOD elected opposing selectivity …

Intellectualism emitted by the “ignorant people do not read the book man,” the roots of the concept books = knowledge, information, = enlightenment lies in the equation.

Truth is not of one mind. Ignorance to truth, but not in reading comprehension of a phenomenon can be corrected removal of curtains.

The book does not mean that information. Scholar indeed, wrong, better, worse, there are yararlısı and malware. The adjective in front of the information is important. SUPERSTITIOUS INFORMATION darkness are equal. In a country with annual per capita number of books read, not the level of AWARENESS. This not only gives the book market rent statistics.

SUPERSTITIOUS-DATA, personal perception and obscures the information that is read.

SUPERSTITIOUS-DATA, is the name of mental poison.

And THE TRUTH, superstition-the only panacea for the information.

Little one in the new age, false-information-age is the name of the corpus of reinvented himself.

These days it is several days, the superstitious, the most toxic one’s mind, even if the wheels of the lock information, goods can be considered a miracle to the masses.

Throughout history, God, for religions sent to fight the dark teachings.

In today’s modern world, God has left religion out of the system so that, against the teachings of humanity today than ever vulnerable to the dark state.

Urban civilization, beautiful people, universities, delicious restaurants, as well as numerous corporate facility can offer a career. And, unfortunately, meet friends, nice cafes, people can not fill out the gap in the spiritual.

The threat is that space, filled with false-information-corpus.

Required to correct a wrong perception in the mind at this point. For ages past is not a negative concept of witchcraft, sorcery of the past of a business is built.

To realize the true meaning, witchcraft ten thousand years, but very close to the time the development of losses is greater than the benefits.

Witch-hunts of the past, ten thousand-year tradition of magic, a rebellion against the expression of justified. Witch hunt mistake, what magic, the sorcerer’s determination of who is the lack of information.

Wizards of history people have high reputation and have had to pay a heavy price for these errors. The past, the profession of witchcraft, for the people of the modern time been reintroduced as a major threat. Reborn in a brand new body:


21. CENTURY, dark energies, under the false-information-library SPİRİTÜELİZM in the era has managed to rise to cross.

History’s most influential magicians of today who is a rising trend spiritüelizm, are those that use as a mask.

Containing essentially very simple and straightforward narratives, even in a single book to fill the less concise teachings, CONCEPT-Annotations through the tens of thousands of books, divided into volumes.

Revocation of fabricated hadiths, such as real Islam, the people in this mystical Masonic corpus has been the essence is lost.



One day the door opens, “I came to clean the house from evil spirits,” he sees a witch doctor immediately turn off your door. Your heart begins to beat rapidly.

The same false-information, but also on television to reach the door, I;

House cleaning of bad energy

Told of the benefits, we may not provide the same reflex.

Clean energy to clean the worst evil spirit, essence, expression of the same superstition.

Poor soul, you get used to as a word, the teachings of the bad energies of a trend these days of rising CONTEMPORARY appeal to you.

Druid witch outfit in front of you, not by the

“Respectable-selling author of books”

was as.

Work is very difficult indeed.



“Think carefully, to get the best. Ask the universe favors, favors laid out in front.

My little lord, the teachings of this well-worn, missing, beyond being a doctrine overturned.

This is an evolution of the universe is knowledge of the universe, will destroy the false-information-corpus.

This is an evolutionary universe, universe, and what’s good what is bad about the decisions can not be generic.



You do not like something that happens, happens for your good and that evil is a favorite thing for you. God knows you do not know. “Baccarat p. 216. verse.


Shooting popularized under the name ‘law’, this corpus is knowledge born of a superstition.

In this universe, HOME-LAW LAW OF FATE.

There are shots in this universe until the trainings. Shooting ‘law’, the physical space of the Masonic spiritual-based doctrine that adapts to space. Physical masses float in space, and each one-or less-has its own attraction forces. Physical space and flows that determine their orbits, masses forces of attraction. This is Newton’s universal law of gravity and true. But this reality, the spiritual realm of existence is not adaptable. HUMAN, because the stone is not. And, above all, the universe, a universe that interact with RAHİM’in with Rahman.

Human-alone ‘EVIL’, not to think bad things.

‘GOOD’ s good faith of the people is indispensable.

Happy birthday to LEARN, not to live this life.

This universe is God, the embrace of the universe and hold a destiny, moving in a stream. What happened in this universe, not just your own sufferings. What he perceives as evil, you have the right push.

DESTINY, at the same time-wheel drive and a drive mechanism.

Being ‘in the’ you you getting the negative self-CPCs, flattened-logic structure of the complex to be explained.

“As people pray to a ill, evil is a prayer. Human very hasty. “

Isra p. 11. verse.



In this universe, every prayer, will be processed immediately. However, shall not be executed at any time.

This is a microcosm of the universe is not a stray. In this universe, he wanted to attract people to decide whether it is good that there is a mechanism.

In this universe, so it does not relate to you all you shot.

(Excerpt from Chapter 41 Mahfouz Lawh-i.)


Levh-i Mahfuz
Levh-i Mahfuz


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