Levh-i Mahfuz and buRAK özDEMİR

Enlightening information about the Levh-i Mahfuz.

Burak ÖzdemirbuRAK ozDEMİR
He was born in Istanbul in 1974. He graduated from Istanbul University Faculty of Communication. Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, a master’s degree was in Industrial Product Design. 23 years old, they step in the marketing communications industry as a copy boy assistant who, in a few years rose to management level and then just as she’d dreamed about, Beyoğlu, Istanbul, founded his own agency. ‘Is the service to write the book?’ Saying for a long time’ both as’ after you apply, only the writer has chosen in 2004. (Tanrınındogumgunu) God’s birthday in 2006, the home and the office is closed, reset life from head to toe, the small room was turned back at home, the process appeared traditions.
Özdemir, three books have been written before the Day of God’s birth. Year 2102 (2002, Remzi Kitabevi), Turks, DDO (2006, Remzi Kitabevi), Elhamdülillah Hayvanım – Thank goodness pet (The publication of the 2008, Birthday bookstore). KKD – God’s Personal Revolution birthday cards, readers met in 2008. Indigo Mahdi, was written 3 years after the Day of God’s birth.

Levh-i Mahfuz ‘Legal’
Intellectual preparation of this book, to be written, prepared for publication, editor, editorial supervision and correction, page layout, interior design, exterior design, web site design, web sites, and an editor of programming, publishing, book, stickers, and taken from place to place by going to the Ministry of Culture Burak Ozdemir was carried out by downloading this book packs the truck.

Reader Family
b @ H @ R Ozdemir, who is married to author, 1 wife, 3 cats, 1 traditions, newborn, 1 sweet niece [future versions of this section of the book ‘sweet’ 1 ‘can be added to others], and close to 1 family home with a limited and usually lasts the life .
Burak Ozdemir author of this book, no seminar, no conference, no signing day, no meetings, no phone calls, no formation, no TV, no newspapers, not participating in conversation. This is not a result of any attitude or reaction. In this case, the responsibilities imposed on the author of this book is the result of their own. This book, dedicated to this book out of hand. This book is the author of ‘weak stomach,’ is not the body of the author of this book. In a world where people are not inclined to discuss the ideas, the author is here for anyone who wants to put out the opposite. This experience has been a book, you can feel each is written a line buttonholes. After reading this book, the truth, why you can not be reasonably implemented by the fact alone with nothing to repel.
God is not forming a kind of birthday, a wave of consciousness. Since the first day of our readers, read the book instead of looking for environments, where the path followed to meet with media Levh-i Mahfuz.
Truth in philosophy, everyone meets the same thoughts, even if they are not seen each other, a family. Communication address of the family of God, the reader’s birthday, God’s birth log. All requests and notifications of the book can be found on the site.


This book, a reader in Turkey and spread all around the world are under the ownership of the family. The reader of this book since the first day under its wing thank our family.

Logic Version
Levh-i Mahfuz, the versions have been drafted in as a resource. The new version 2.0, the Day of God’s birth Indigo Mahdi added. Each new edition, is not a new version. 1.0.2 to 2.0 ‘a transition took place after an interval of 3 years. New versions intended, the book is to give each new version of the needs facing the new additions. Modifications to the logic of God’s version of Day of birth, no subtractions, there are only additions. Truth is, wobble, zigzag way scratch. The truth on the other hand, shows the development in itself. The new versions ‘full time’ sign is not from us, surrounding us is the time-space-human factor.
Versions of the steps taken forward, not backward. Dona received in previous versions of the birthday of God’s provision of each point in passages, carries the same validity continue. Will continue throughout the next century. The book ‘I’ passages, they represent subjectivity and does not contain any provisions. In your mind, and in front of Dona own ‘I‘ is completely free to place self in. In this book, I, is you.

‘Error’ Share
This book is a “logic error” Should you come across, take breaks, again, read it again. Think of a more intense and more deeply on the subject. Error is ‘eliminated’ you will witness. In this book, an ‘information failure’ experience, take breaks, again, read it again. Try to think of stereotypes regardless of your thoughts. ‘Knowledge’ of what is termed, in fact, ‘previously known’ that stands for what you know you will witness. This book is in the process of emergence, the greatest time and concentration, not the writing of sentences, making devoted to providing written. This book, ‘not religious’ is a get out of hand. In this book, thinking, thinking and thinking about work. Pressing the key post more than 1 million, 288,000-word encounter in this book with spelling corrections www.tanrinindogumgunu.com/guncellemeler to report.

Target and Path
The target audience of the book you hold in your hand all the humanity. This book, for this reason, to reach everyone and understood by everyone, every age, every lifestyle, world view of each book is like being a priority. Computer programming issues with the technical descriptions or details about the Arabic language, the face of one of every hundred people understand these issues on behalf of the simplified and explained. Purport to detail the size of no do not add value, so it is not included in the book. This book flows very fast rhythm, tempo is very high. This book has set out to change not to be read. To start to finish is not recommended that you read.

Reading Journey
This book can be finished 100 hours. Into the blood will make the change that will last a lifetime. Please Do not overload yourself in the process of reading the book. May have difficulty understanding issues. Boards may find it difficult to feel. Make a note of these sections. Then, to settle an account, go to the next topic. You feel comfortable, now, quit again, you’ve had trouble against the department. This book, consisting of the gradual internalization of a text, and each word can not be expected at a time. This book will get a word from him, even change your life. The goal of the book in this case, it is 1 word, which is to find you when there is 1 word.
This book deserves to be read the other books in a different culture of reading. Kur-an interpretation of your hands. (Kur-an-KERİM) contains. Attention, attention, and requires intense concentration.
Hz. Muhammad, Muslims say to take ablution before reading the Kur-an, to create a ritual, but the water is to a reader’s face.
Reading this book, the operating system of your brain to begin to restructure our duty to warn you. In this book, reading books is not a new one. Please, if you decide to read the permissions to this process. Create a layout you get the most out of it.
Plot of the book, a honeycomb structure. Every information in the book, traces the flow of their own development. The main principle of the sequencing information of the book ‘to prepare, to prepare, is to proceed’. The first readings of the book have to pay attention to their flow. A part of the confusion created by reading this book without reading the B section of the initiated is not responsible. ‘How many times to read’ is a purely personal decision needs. By purchasing this book, your life will never end until the end of a reading, thinking, and worth noting that there are starting to embark upon the restructuring.
All warnings and disclosures contained in the inside pages of this book, the reader reading the experiences of thousands of God’s birthday one to one for 3 years of monitoring and analyzing the result of accumulation. In this book, it gives anyone who can tell you if a common word, that word is change. This book has brought change in the lives of all readers. This book re-births and a change from the front of each sends its own pains. If you are sincere in your search, we recommend you to be ready for it. At the end of this road that you will experience beauty, to attract all kinds of suffering worth is filled with inner peace and beauty.
In this book, you wish for meeting on dreams.

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