Sanskrit “wheel” is a word meaning. Each of your chakras are your health, happiness and prosperity of the energy by emitting a rotating eddies are important and special to consider. The chakras-energy centers, and up starts from the bottom of your spine, your head is to the point of the hill.

Each chakra vibrates when turned on and the highest level of intensity that could win a special ability to improve our lives, is linked with a gift or a skill. Each one traditionally associated with a color.

These chakras are great, the people on earth makes it different from all other animals. When we started to develop the power and capabilities they offer to honor individuals and as a kind of healing, we begin to find healing.

Disrupted the balance of a chakra, the energy spread is blocked and when we neglect the inherent ability, experience discomfort, the patient may even.

Chakra system in a different information:

1. Chakra: Discharge body region

Accepting the ability

Indignation, resentment, feeling of hardness

2. Chakra: Sexual organs in

Creative ability

Go to extremes, a sense of guilt

3. Chakras: navel area

The ability of Stability

Anger, greed, ambition, sense

4. Chakra: Heart region

Tenderness, affection, the ability to

Fear, a sense of dependency

5. Chakra: throat

Accuracy capability

Denial, denial, a sense of hardness

6. Chakra: Third eye zone

Intuition is the ability to power

Mental confusion, a sense of crisis

7. Chakra: crown of the head point

To be unrestrained

(Endless thinking)

Pain, suffering, sorrow, sense

8. Chakra: Aura field (electromagnetic fields)

Brightness, the ability to light

Lust, anger, greed,


occurring in the heart chakra is the energy imbalance caused by the so-called human bodies are particular to the eight. These imbalances persist when they usually live with physical and mental-physical problems.

People came to us in a particular chakra and the physical and emotional problems that may appear as income. The idea of ​​the specific regions where certain feelings and talents in our bodies is not new, but some people had fled, and when the patient if they are extreme on this issue in a way that we think they believe that their own errors. This attitude, which means to look at events in a negative way in improving our bodies and our souls brings more harm than good. Being sick is not your fault. Sickness, a part of life experience, and everyone passes through this experiment.

This means to be mortal.

Body, God has given you a perfect view them as a gift. Because the path of consciousness in our bodies, but we begin to love and appreciate.

Our bodies, God’s gift to us. We need him to be here. Because, to love and appreciate our bodies the way we enter the consciousness. The innate right to happiness. Open all chakras, or balance, are the keys that opens the door to happiness.

The aim is to realize the chakras and the energy radiating from him we heard the need to improve.

A staff full of anger, angry, even in the face of the slightest difficulty, do not correspond to fight fire with fire. Try to respond to him with the fourth chakra. This is full of anger behind the fear and distrust of the blast to improve the use kindness.

Our bodies, like the nested complex worlds. We know where it begins and where it ends, but never very large and can not understand is full of mysteries. Human beings that they are building a machine that no human body is far more complex and subtle. Ancient chakra system, a way of understanding ourselves.

What is important is not what you do,

what do you have installed

courage and determination to.

Meditation room is bright mind.

Every thought and a feeling of excitement can be. Each of excitement and emotion, can turn into desire, this desire, all the life energy are to take place. However, it is used every thought, passed through the filter of the mind, and if you check with your consciousness, you will be successful no matter what. This is a simple secret of life.

In an emergency, for example, someone call the hospital called, said: “OK take a deep breath and calm down.” If you do not allow you to breathe, is an important gift in life you are deprived. Yourself enough to recognize the opportunity to breathe and needs to be done are usually the first thing that you need. But usually we do this very meanly, just like we give a charity. Logical, but not all of us do it.

The ability to experience real change and want to develop in any chakra, the energy center on the forty days during the period of time until you feel comfortable with the meditation, I suggest you to do. One thing in three minutes or thirty minutes, it does not matter whether or not you. What is important in a job you do, not doing the job that the intensity and depth to which you provide.

If you want to live your life, you must install the balance within yourself.

The joy of life, happiness in life is balance.

When the chakras or energy centers of imbalance, “having a bad day”, “not the mood of this day”, “This day nothing is going right” use, such as sentences. Our chakras dengeliyse, “What a beautiful day”, “What a wonderful day. Everything is going smoothly so! “We use such expressions. And this, everything is regular and consists of energy in all body wraps.

If you want  healing in any area of your life and if you are willing for this work, you will also encounter the miracles.

We are here with Reiki attunaments and

Levh-i Mahfuz to get you to live this awareness and

to intoduce you with your essence in the Levh-i Mahfuz century.

Ahmet Kaya


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After defining how to use them in a way so that the shortest chakras, the energy flow in our body which is necessary to learn how to use effectively and accurately. If we can provide extensive knowledge in physical bodies, prevent himself from being significantly for disease, we can treat existing diseases. Opening chakras in the body, providing a smooth, uninterrupted flow of Reiki energy is used effectively. Reiki is refreshing that comes from God, a healing energy. Energy channels, chakras of Reiki that can open up bottlenecks, the start of the elimination of many diseases, or after it has started will help you heal.

Levh-i Mahfuz

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