Energy Body ‘s really hard to describe, because the energy body is not able to answer the question scientifically. Science hand-held, dealing with the visible matter, whereas the energy of Physical intangibility, not seen, except in the time-space construct. Be detected with the 5 senses, sense organs, not because the sense organs, even when unused, continues his
task. Wise, Energy Body is not whether the information store because the energy body, to use standard does not provide
the necessary time. There are also do not think we think of the energy in our body, mind that is different. Our body has nothing to do with the physical, our hand, legs, eyes, yet the same energy in our body and is held in place Fully. There is no relation to the energy of our body hayatimizla energy body will not disappear because the life expires. Our body is immortal, divine energy, a part of the universal energy. Visible to the naked eye, but the manual is not available.

An energy field called the aura surrounding the man and it is referred to. The aura can be seen by people who have some clairvoyant ability, a photograph of a technique called Kirlian photography capturing known. We are photographs of the aura. And photographs taken on the aura that we’ve got who can see the aura around the physical body wraps in the form of generations. Light blue in color and is closest to the body, the generation of human health status. The second generation of
people’s feelings, the mind of man is responsible for the third generation. Fourth-generation intuition and sensory perception determines the border. The fifth-generation personal karmic determines the structure. The sixth and seventh generation with the generation of spiritual evolution on the cosmic consciousness.

What we call the energy body immortal, is a part of the universal energy. Around our bodies invisible to our eyes, the aura. Nutrition is still possible with energy, when he is healthy, energy continuously, and the result is exactly as the physical bodies healthy flows. If we want to be healthy in mind and body work as a flowing energy in our bodies, it is necessary to complete the energy flows, so the body’s chakras, the energy input gates, and the function exactly needs to be open continuously. This can be supplied in a life time Passing in a spiritually and physically healthy is possible. Therefore we developed some techniques for spiritual healing, To maximize a healthy life since the implementation of the centuries by people studied.

Aura is a live body, emanating from the ever-expanding influence in the style of generations, different levels of frequency caused by an energy area. His body wraps as an envelope, Light, is said to be seen by some in the form of colored halos. There are 7 layers of the aura known, they are:

1) Etheric Body: The layer closest to the physical bodies. Although a distance of two inches to the body, the body is thicker than a healthy, have the ability to clairvoyance by the light blue and bright as the show in person. This determines the health
status of the first generation of people. Physical body protector, physical injury, as if we are patient. An injury to the physical body, etheric body, also leads to injury. Physical wounds can be done through improving the etheric body. This layer is to be treated with Reiki, the energy is given by holding their hands over the body a few centimeters. Although an extension of the
body in the etheric body fizikiksel, the more undiscovered by science, but the bio-energy and electro-magnetic fields are thought to be related.

2) Emotional Body: The etheric body is then in this area and our emotions, feeling is active. Any negative effects in the body, the etheric body and the emotional damage. This study of the region with Reiki, the recipient of the accumulated negative feelings, you do not have these emotions, can ensure that it makes a peaceful and an axle. In this way, the etheric body, to health law rules.

3) Mental Physical: Emotional comes after the body and our thoughts, our mind is a layer formed. Layer is close to the emotional, people are forced to distinguish between thoughts and feelings. Consistently positive, neutral, positive thinking, this layer ensures healthy functioning. Due to the mental body, mental, philosophical and creative ideas as well include high-and secondary-side concrete thinking, memory, and includes intellectual.

4) Astral Body: 4 beyond intuition and sensory perception which determines the generation of the astral body. Guidance we’ve received from this layer, layer, the energy is calm, loving, peaceful, but so are the transition level, it is difficult to work as a conscious level. Is composed of astral matter and Astral plane astral body to its natural venue.

5) Etheric Template: Energy related to the Great Creator. This layer, our will with the will of the Creator, is running as long as compatible with healthy. If you make mistakes in adjusting to life does not work compatible. Diseases in the physical body to do work here, can speed up input of the physical body, healing energy. Reiki for self-removal of this layer are today Chaos disturbance of the physical body takes place.

6) Celestial Body: Meditation can be reached by layer, the disembodied life. This layer of convalescence, disembodied existence is way to the realities of the so-called miracle. The size of the angels and guides, self in this layer is destroyed.

7) Karmic Bank: The other is the layer where our lives and our experiences. There are an unlimited Repeat. Previous lives, knowing that the only good side is that it helps us to solve today unresolved some questions to know the present or previous lives affect our lives, can cause emotional devastation.

Reiki is one of the aura and the long experience of implementing and then people would notice, but the surrounding rays, the colors should not be considered as a view. Instead, the application which we have our hands very sensitive, and occasionally a different feeling When we start closer to the body, hands, a membrane to life in our hands feel, here is that we are aware of this feeling the layers of the aura. This feeling is the perception and experience of people completely dependent.

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