Lawh-i Mahfuz ‘Silent’ Divine

Lawh-i Mahfuz ‘Silent’ Divine …

I would reply to our readers theologian uncles Lawh-i Mahfuz I wonder possible. There is so much a curiosity of mine. Signs of the Quran Fine favorite lion frightened the wild donkeys. Readers are curious about, this is a kind of uncles they hum and haw not say anything.

This is a talk and the need to make mischief.

If this is true, then you go and the Lord of the prostrate.

Terms & Conditions are prostrate, nor what they say. Signature distribute. Appear everywhere. Confident people wherever they see them, ‘God bless the teacher. Nor beautiful, illuminating us. “Deceived them say they evidently. Were not you, just inside the ‘not handle the sight of God intercede’ he explains. You can not intercede in the studio while the human person, when you channel out of the citizen, prof. To how can intercede? Not 7 million, 77 million in what the author is willing to religion, you told? ORDINATION OF RELIGION AND THEREFORE I AGREE recount unless, of walking the fate of the Day of Judgement who can protect you?

Theirs is a life of limbo last. Almighty God to anyone Lawh-i Mahfouz appeared a century, Lawh-i Mahfouz appeared to be a theologian ordain Turkey (not the order request in a mode utmost concern). Theologian to be hard work. Word of god but God has used this as one of the profession to get a hearing … the confrontation of such, friend and enemy, good or bad, get away from everyone. And these so-called wish, a prayer composed invalid. Theologian, a fact that someone will come with adjectives before their Lord. According to their beliefs in the afterlife described by the model is not telling us is true: If you, a torture of hell eats up testimonials, theologians cells will be the next in severity until the sounds are sounds here. Please make sure of it. Adolf Hitler, where the cells will not scream so much. Make sure that the.

‘Hitler’ as summarized under the name of the bad people, they are bad people. Procession of evil, either individually or jointly with friends. Women thrown sin no slap, slap the woman thrown out of the hadiths is a legitimate religion that it has made is not greater than to pragmatism. This is the biggest slap in the date on which the women ate … no murders, mass murders committed by people like Hitler, including, lovelessness planted on the soil of a religion, Islam religion digit multiplied by the killers to mediate a religion is not as big as a homicide. Pope, the largest Christian killer. 1, but 7 times the white garment, the pope does not change the actual skin color. Blood Red … Muslim religious scholars of Islamic geography bloody serial-killers. During this millennium the band, not the soul, the spirit of bodies of slain There is no way of counting points.

No bad, not bad enough to want to play people that train the sacred patterns. Deliver in the name of religion, and humanity in people who have a sacred religious patterns, a traditional personal initiatives in order to sabotage the flow of history, all the wicked were to join together, filled with personal sorrow they can not even imagine that small and poor worlds.

The authority exercised by the Prophet, Kabbalist, extending the present profession of Muslim fundamentalism, and the generations of mankind through the sin of the world to measure the size of the scales were to join together all the rulers and still not enough. What happens in front of the decor comes true religion, the only theologian to be a profession. The theologian in our region, Islam, the religion of God there is not actually seem to be working behind a fallen existence, a way of thinking. However, not God, God is acting, not religion, clergymen kept alive the jar is now cracked already.

How is it that clergymen could be guilty of great sin, unable to grasp the mind is a kind of need a little support and help.

There is no duty upon us, the only competent authority to us ‘nuclear physicist’ accreditation does not sit anywhere but Were smashed ATOM HUMANITY THAT WHAT? Neighborhoods, cities, countries, hordes of people think of a spread. Where the self and the members of the tradition, the substance is removed without any thought of the right to break them, claiming that provides HUMANITY ELECTRIC EARTH RADIATION mob which emits THINK PEOPLE.

Here, the core of the human spirit, in the hands of core from the break down of religion Theologians, much more harmful radiation from the earth throughout history, a beam spread:


Lethal radiation. Human die. Human, the radiation of a deceased person died from radiation. However. When you are prompted to be intimidated with the light of human religion, he dead or alive, that is no longer a human being. Way to the atrocities people commit murder, to intimidate him with the light of religion. Belonging to a religion to make him fearful. While people have brought into existence by God, then they disappear.

8 billion people in the knee together. This eight billion people as the only possible way of moving backwards, a part of them is to move one step forward. When a step forward in the profession theologian, dropped into the background in a square, all of Islam, is none other than one.

Can you recommend people to each other and the beauty of goodness. Should as well. Ethics or morality, human beings are equal and mutually-known as a brother in a plane, taking inspiration from religion can be kept alive. To be kept. There is no need for this kabbalistic theologians. Ethics through a mob is a step forward in the name of Allah in a religion imposed by the scheme, a scheme opposed to non-religious religion. In place of an examination of this world, everyone is responsible for living in the light of universal moral principles, and then he lives in this world leaves him dying. This world is a test site, disturbing the silence of this exam in between the rows, ‘Shall I tell you paper to answer exam questions’ What the hell is he the wandering people? Based on your answer sheet which was captured by paroxysm? And you call out for me, which in honor of the mold-less ‘moral secrets’ you sell? Answers to your exam is not passed into the hands of what is the trade name.

What you have seen other than to describe a universal morality in the Qur’an? Killing of human morals. Does the name of God is what is killing people? Murderer or a re not. Of being moral, religious, book, God, will you? Muslims not say a lie a lie that will not say what is superior to the Christians?

Accuracy is not a comparative religions. God want you to be your truth.

Islam is religion of God hath not the first.

Is not Christianity, it also reduces the time-i-waqt? In this world, a world of Islam was not intimately familiar with. At the same Almighty God, paving the way for a time of baptism. He changed the idea now? Is turned to Christianity to Islam? Eternal and Eternal God, the true religion of Christianity has made a once in a while something can be explained only after the deduction for impairment of Islam deserve. There is no change in the ideas of what is eternal. His book is universal truth. Truth does not change and its single value. Then you want to you to be true. Which is not carried out under this format, which is in the field of interest. Truth is universal and theologians of various religions, the universal moral plane, and a defender instead of being naked, they are connected to tradition, the people imposing the errata, the only and the accuracy of the divided parts. Spirit of love which are the building blocks of atoms fragmented material.

Lie, at any time in history, no religion, including the most primitive ones to be brought before the supreme state is not required, is not released. Lying is bad, and it ‘Almighty religion’ need not be banned. Here is the meaning of existence in the Qur’an. People who can lie the best men, who drank the real essence of the Qur’an. They were right, and they radiate a light language of religion, allah, prophet, did not take the sacred values, even though unable to speak with them now realize that a lie. That green is not any shade.



Religion propagandist, the universal warning sign that fall outside of the circle drawn by the divine morality. Righteousness, race, gender, no gender. True, true, as long as pure. Muslim culture of righteousness ‘our religion’ are reduced to the dictates of culture, ‘we the sons of God who says,’ Judaism is a culture came along. Yet everyone is the son of Adam. ‘We’ presentation, accuracy, turned into a sectarian way of going, and today the Muslims who have palms in this way is not the way any good.

There is only one theologian will go to heaven on earth.

This is because the accuracy of their internationalization efforts.

Qurantum Revolution in the Qur’an, as they say in sentences, not his own facts to believe in the truth and a desire to move. ‘We are Muslims, the truth’ There is no such thing. God’s truth in Alaska is 1 in Haiti, also in Cairo. (Somebody a) Specific-tures right, wrong, the work itself. Those who do not serve to unite in a common humanity to the light of truth, love dividers. Religion is a concept that divides, not unites humanity as it has been experiencing. 1 billion Muslims in the world’s seven billion human beings in themselves appear to be separated from the combined. Lost is 7 to 1. Lawh-i Mahfuz ‘Religion, Islam is the sight of Allah,’ What is meant by a true universal Islamic requested. Righteousness as the acceptance of the Muslim, the lost earnings of a project that looks like. 1 MILLENNIUM lost.

Break down by splitting the contents of the other sinful way of righteousness is a theologian in the profession, lie in a stream with the wrong people, wrong again, must submit a form, stung accuracy. Islam, according to Islam, a word derived from the sense of accuracy. Not being Muslim theology. The Truth is an application, they are regarded as independent of theory making abstract information, the accuracy is not practical to have made a value. University chair of the Truth is not. Accuracy of the science of the world’s most practical behavior. Accuracy is to be devoid of theory. THEORY ONLY CAN LIE. JUST LIE, they are regarded as independent of the applications of abstract information. Accuracy is a sincere and spontaneous process can happen despite the establishment of a mechanism lies. Theologian’s job, not the accuracy of the owner of the chair can lie and liars training programs can Excellent. However, the ‘theological’ faculties not be able to graduate a single truth.

23 people who raped that 15 year old girl’s body, draining the people’s hatred of each digit identity cards ISLAMIC religion repent of this sin can be written and the subconscious is a sin was committed or who are supposition. 23 Muslim, a Muslim without the consent of the young girl he has been tested to establish the relationship, this examination of the departments of Theology graduate from the Muslims that there can be produced in patterns and rate of zero at 23. Meanwhile, outside the 23, such an ‘option’ to come in front, but it was certainly in those who think the test will pass bilep. They lost the test to this persecution by failing to revolt. Muslims believe that people were forced to remain silent. The only Muslim who opposed the persecution of Muslims in these 23, 24 ‘Religious’ theology theorem which was awarded second-class citizenship, the young girl who took refuge in the police is not mistaken for someone else.

Although 23 people were raped by the cast in this practice, the actual designers of this crime according to 1500 people as they built mosques, but the 12 people who know the prayer is none other than theorists. Have present in religion, tradition leads many people will not see any other function. The correct ones, are those that are already self-correct. Agreed to correct the mistake, the wrong ones. Theories of their religion, an individual gives rise to the very far right of the wrong ones. ‘Lazy’ that excluded students, only courses taken in high school and class winners in the world, consists of a non-genuine Theirs creations. Existing concepts of religion, righteousness, which is already standing close to the door, and already people are already into the area right ones, in patients of a hospital into the scheme. And this order, a bankruptcy order. Any public relations activity, a lost religion, religious observance is not enough to live fully attached. The throne of Solomon, but only one is dead now. One of the numbered days of the coup prepared the ground to collapse in a small worm recognizes.

Theologians do not want to talk Lawh-i Mahfuz. Lawh-i-Mahfuz, the good of this generation as if written in Chinese, Japanese, so far. I ‘woke up early this morning, when I open the window full of cold air off the neck I felt the sadness of September’ Do you set up the Japanese sentence? I provide can answer me when I say, they tell him there for the New Millennium exegesis of the Qur’an.

For the people of the country’s most talkative theologian Lawh-i Mahfuz, a silent hymn. Theirs is a deafening silence in his own ears.

Lawh-i Mahfuz signed between the accounts of pirate broadcasts, as it is necessary to distinguish silence. Even if the rules which entered the mosque on foot at a time explaining the bases of a religion, Islam is a religion of freedom begin to hit retirement … nonsense words told by the people obeying the virtues of the middle of a conversation, a moment of freedom in the virtues of Islam that says out loud to return a nightingale. If you have intelligence enough to make a stolen, there is a perception of reality enough to know where.

Lawh-i Mahfuz,  Lawh-i Mahfuz never speak or stolen by theologians as well as speaking theologians have this profession than any other type of distress. Purgatory truly rest in a place … a reader recently caught one of them. ‘Said Sir, I fell into this Lawh-i Mahfuz … What is your comment for this book? “Says, a brief history teacher made a reference. Know the answer by asking a question.

‘Came out of that book’s been three years, is not? ”

After waiting for approval, removed a pair of pliers on the lips theologians cast Lawh-i Mahfuz ratings:

Not bad!

NBU … to say that much for the Islamic Revolution in Millennium’s Largest Nuri Bey, Uncle?

I think this society will never bring to the absence of Mahfouz Lawh-i should not be denied. Although this was successful in fighting in, or it could be how much one should be Did we not know them. Between you and God. Also evaluate the individual lives of people with us, is not a duty. Such a duty of responsibility to ourselves, we already do not want to see. For people in our world Lawh-i Mahfouz, before and after the Lawh-i Mahfouz. If you drink something completely different in content, the Lawh-i Mahfuz is obvious that the same universal values ​​that have served. When it comes to religion we have to say after the performance of the Lawh-i Mahfuz. Lawh-i Mahfuz in your doomsday Nuri Bey-Uncle. Find the most valuable way to serve the values ​​that it serves a very tough examination. And you are aware of this, the examination ‘Not bad’ words can overcome such a situation is not like the round. Religion arithmetic ‘not bad’ Is there a figure called?
– What do you know the deceased?
– Not bad!

Where is your insistence on claiming you know? You draw a sword, this is a mischief, he speaks in the usual high-volume, is the objection, you get the answer. If this is the reality itself, then you do need to. Have Tarawih prayer in religion Do not have are the subject matters more deadly in front of you. Those days are passed now. They are the 90’s. To explain what is wrong with the transfer has ended.

Straight ahead to the root of NOW HAVE A REAL.

Drop what people are doing wrong. You talk of truth itself. The arrival of the round with good words, but with head held columnists. The revolution was desirable, was not? Lord give you the answer to this. To serve the revolution was coming, did you get here look him in the face. Under ‘re not your signature, Is this a problem for the military a God?

Subject, this book has not added you to have you locked up at the never blame yourself. What you nor any other thinker, always you come together to write such a book did not have the mental tools being and there was a possibility to write a Mahfouz Lawh-i. And I did not. God has bestowed. Reasons other than myself. I said, all about being able to write such a book. If Allah wills, the language can bring even a tree stump. This book also has written for me, that’s about the situation. I am honored not only a tree stump. And Lord, I confess, who taught evolution pushing someone else does not work by saying that I can never resist.

This is for everyone in the garden.


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