ARE YOU READY Night of Power?

“Declaration on the night of magnitude DONA ..”

Released the contents of God’s birthday


Everyone thinks the fate of a lifetime …

It is not so …

Destiny is not a lifetime …

Destiny is a one-year …

Does not end like the beginning, the operation of fate

written at the beginning of each year and over again is walking.

Lawh-i Mahfuz, everything is recorded books.

The annual balance sheet total of fate …

Sadness, hopelessness, extreme these days …

These are the birth pangs …

Painful ones …

A brand new destiny awaits them.

They are preparing for a new life …

Get your eye is enlightened;

The Night of Power is coming little one …

Fate and Kadir – KaDeR and KaDiR

Two different evolutionary state of the same root,

these words hidden …

The Night of Power;

Able to be their own fate on the night …

Took over the reins of the existence of that night …

The reins of their own for the night,

completely into the hands of the night we …

The dark days of existence,

While the sun to earth yet unborn,

That night he received word from you …

172. When thy Lord drew forth from the Children of Adam – from Their loins – Their descendants, and made them testify Concerning Themselves, (saying): “Am I not your Lord (Who cherishes and sustains you)?” – They said: “Yea ! We do testify! ” (This), lest to say on the Day of Judgement should: “Of this we were never mindful”:

Purgatory, 172 The Holy Quran Verse

Adventure of the soul to evolve on their own free will, decided that day, is considered the turning point of existence, the absolute floor of Rahman. That night, Fani-time, but infinite time mode, “night” is. Kadir Sura 2 People fully understand the style of verse. “In the heart degrading treatment” thinkers. Religious translation of the reading, you feel this emotion more closely.

It is not so …

That verse, you know, knows Kadeer wants to tell whether the chest and one nights for the “scolding” you actually …

“2 And what will explain to thee what the Night of Power is? “

Quran Surah 2 Kadir Verse (Religious Translation)

Islamic world knows is downloaded Night of Power is in the Qur’an. In that there is a surprising situation. Torah, the Psalms and the Bible … all of the ancient disclosures, humanity, it is night. Kadir’s revelation of the Qur’an at night, so. Before God by the name given to a single night. Muslims know the Quran The Night of Power is downloaded. But that blessed night, “downloaded” is not only the Koran. Remove the brackets that represent their own idea of ​​the interpreter. Time has removed, a new information “downloaded” you will see that …

It is hard now …

“The truth is, we (Qur’an) sent down to the Night of Power.”

Kadir Quran Surah 1 Verse


Night of Power “downloaded” in fact you were the little one …


“The angels and spirit descend in it for each business with the permission of their Lord.”

Quran Surah 4 Kadir Verse


The Night of Power,

God breathed into man the spirit of holy nights. Adam, ie, the existence of the soul days.

Mode of the human word is the infinite time;


“The Night of Power,” a thousand months “is better.”

Kadir Quran Surah 3 Verse

Now you can read the time from start to finish;

Quran Surah Kadir

“1 – The truth is, we have revealed the night of her magnitude.

2 – that will explain to thee what the Night of Power?

3 – The Night of Power is better than a thousand months.

4 – The angels and spirit descend in it for each business with the permission of their Lord.

5 – The Night of Power, dawn to the outlet of a peace. “


Al-Fajr “dawn” means. Al-Fajr, at night, “darkness” and then looks for the brightness of the eyes, Al-Fajr, beginning to dawn.

Kadir, the first night of existence began to exist, the time until the morning of the adventure of the spirit of evolution. Human dawn counts as military discharge papers. Sunrise … sunrise paradise … the last time to breathe overnight, there is to be thrashed … The sun, the sight of Rahman Kadir’s name, “night” when they were as bright as this little one;

Night and day, the sun and the moon has the disposal of the stars in the disposal by order of His own expense. Verily in this are Signs for a community that can use your mind. “

Quran Surat an-Nahl 12 Verse

The mystery is hidden here in fasting.

Ramadan, the Quran, ie fasting, held months,

symbolic depiction of the evolutionary adventure.

Down to earth spirit, was no longer the owner of the physical body.

Heaven is that this waiver.

Separation of the slot,

journey of being put to the right path.

Now, the infinite mercy of Rahman,

is that benefits to a limited extent.

Existence little one, nonnutritive to stay …


in the absence of all these

Although everything is to go stronger.

Ramadan is a month and

“A thousand months” coded depiction of the evolutionary journey.

The Night of Power is better than a thousand months …

Mankind, during Ramadan,

confronts his own spiritual adventure.

Hungry, anhydrous.

“Hungry” is full of longing for the days.

Until, that is until the night of Kadir …

Quran Ramadan ends on that day.

Ongoing cultural Ramadan.

Thirsty and hungry after the passing of this grand month

The only thing people are waiting;


Paradise holiday that …


Quran, Muslims hold fast, he says,

on the other, in any form

“Celebrate the Feast of” minds.

This, the Quran does not prescribe,

that a person, a caliph

“Using the authority” were asked to make a decision.

The Humanity of Muhammad, representing the authority’s name …

God’s servant’s son, Muhammad …


Able to its fate as The Night of the soul,

has decided to celebrate the feast of its own initiative.

Magnitude of what the fate of the holiday paradise of …

Lent ends, the

evolution is complete, the adult is no longer a caliph

and as each caliph

make their own decisions without command,

has the authority spends its life.

Holiday, celebration, deprived days of existence, full of hardship, the transition to freedom. It deserves. “Fasting is a last month’s” … after the Spirit “lived” that has kept his hunger strike to …


They ask how they want to assess the Night of Power. Tell them. Please take him that day. The possibility of difficulty until the end. The employee would take you to his job, which is able to operated, that day. Seek refuge in the facility is not possible.

Be afraid.

No matter what the cost, then take him on. Long live the second meaning of the word Lent enjoy.

“Speech, let lapse”

That day, prepared and let them expect that blessed night. Sign the remaining history of the peace with everyone and everything. Mentally, and to let all of the past. Able to meet the future with this necessary.

Compassionate and Merciful, it will be a night, Rahman and Rahim of the boundaries between what is to be canceled for that night in May ready for questions.

Can I marry?

Do I have to be separated from my husband?

Do I have to work?

Should I leave?

God’s birthday …

Mahfouz Lawh-i

Should I read?

Should I believe?

Can I trust?

What should I do to rid the obligations?


Grief-purification, its fate of being a whole secret of magnitude, to be shared with anyone who wishes … Happy decisions that night, that night, and know that, you dead this year to determine whether you live or night.

That is why;

They prepare all their questions to Rahman.

And most importantly;


Direct Him, DONA


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