The fourth chakra, located in the region where the bodies of the heart and lungs. The most powerful chakra of the body, everyone is the house of courtesy, kindness and goodness-emitting.

Event, spiritually speaking, we here in paradise, yes, we live in this chakra.

If we listen to God, came to the depths of our hearts the prayer is said will not remain to answer any other choice.

HEREAFTER, like falling in Love. NEVER give up, this eternal act. EXPERIENCE THESE TWO, currently, The Supreme.

With this awareness center, “i” is the dominant understanding of the concept, which is more universal, and “WE” is dominated by an understanding of the concept of ‘ll.

Attractiveness of the chakra, song and words can also be seen. About love, other emotions much more than what is written: “God is love”, “do not fight level”, “Love, all you need is the one”, “I left my heart in Istanbul”, liver, kidneys or other organs such as the song would never tell about.

Well, the fourth chakra lies the ability to understand and the normal, daily life, how to start to show?

Lawh-i Mahfouz and Meditation with Reiki

provides us with the greatest support in this regard. A result of increasing our level of consciousness that we will have the peace of mind and also increase awareness of our quality of life.

Heart, which many feel various expressions of love radiate warmth, compassion, passion, kindness, hatred, anger, hatred, compassion, mercy. Spread to every emotion from the heart center in the world. Therefore, if we are not direct with the most powerful, and if the intuition, inner voice If we do not trust the most dangerous center.


A certain vibration of your heart center, there is a certain rhythm, that it is so powerful, you work to keep you from your heart Those who read your face. How do I get from this center will disseminate a vibration, and how to talk, could be attractive enough to convince almost anyone else with ideas. The reason for this, it really makes a oscillations arising from this center, “I” and “YOU” not “WE” he emits vibrations. Other person, talking to you, albeit unconsciously, that speech about how much, how much it may feel that it needs. The rhythm of your heart center, is compatible with people opposite you, even if I did not tell a single word he or she wants to be with you to come with you.

If you have an imbalance in this chakra of a person, you will see that due to its more than anything. A sense of fear, should deal with the dark side of the heart chakra, this fear, afraid of losing everything that you love, protect, and he needs another one too far to let yours rise above surrounding it.

Allows you to hate yourself so much pain. First of all, learn to love yourself. This simple equation has a very deep wisdom. If you see yourself as you are constantly down, refuse to pay attention to your body, If you ignore the most basic needs, has got into moderation to how you feel, in short, …

If you do not like yourself, not love others.

People, many from other parts of the body, heart and lung diseases, and breast cancer, as well as blockages or imbalances in this region suffer from diseases.

The purpose of the book Lawh-i Mahfuz, we needed to begin the process of healing, and mental as simple for you is that you include information identifying the TRUTH.

The idea of ​​some of the emotions caused by diseases in some parts of the body is not new. Each chakra in your body is one which is dominated by an extreme negative emotion, the imbalance is due to this chakra.

One of our favorite things about doing Reiki Meditation is a practical way is to love ourselves. It need not be a complicated thing, because they usually love yourself,


This, though their flight officers as emergency information. Before we continue with the oxygen mask to help someone else to make sure that your mask firmly in place.

Panic and fear filled the middle of a situation, you may not see all the time how important is taking care of ourselves. In fact, if you do not help yourself, you can not help others.

God is love and we all have been created as copies of God, but this is an abstract idea. In the store, as the case while waiting for a long time and it is expected to pay more than twenty kinds of goods in the hands of women, while it can be difficult to think of God and love. He can love the woman but to be honest, if necessary, tightened more. At that time, no, God does not seem to us that we ourselves as women and as many may not feel the divine.

While meditating on a mountain is easy to see God.

But it is a much bigger challenge to make a market.

One senses the heart center in the shadow of fear and dependency.

Fear, so intense in today’s western societies can be seen naked eye and shows itself in our body’s heart and chest. Heart disease, lung disease and breast cancer, if you receive consideration, the fear, the people is the key factor leading to premature death.

Love and fear are two sides of a coin. For this reason, when you fear, remember that as a motivating force to deal with it.

Man up and be grateful for the transition, the book is an excellent source Lawh-i Mahfuz. Everything starts with yourself acquainted.

Lawh-i Mahfouz, YOU, YOU will introduce.

The biggest fear of many people, the fear of death and dying. In the process of death and after death we are unaware of what will happen to this, meeting other unknown. This is also the most realistic fear, because it is an experience to face sooner or later everyone. Especially, the pain and uncertainty, fear of death can bring. Logically, the foolish to be afraid of something, which would inevitably happen. But to accept this feeling the greatest challenge facing mankind, perhaps.

Death, not only on you get rid of your body is like.
As if out and throw t-shirts.
The moment of death, all your life passes in front of your eyes and you shall be tried. If this order if you can forgive yourself, you know achieve freedom.
Dying is an art.
Wise people,
or who are learning to die with a smile on their faces.

Mostly, we face a disaster, not fear, a phobia is about. These fears often in our daily lives is the most concerned about, our lives our minds are on the wrong things that might stop on a non-stop unnecessary details, “nagging” the data.

Note that an event to worry, a choice. People generally, when it comes to something that is not on the controls, as if made against them thinking, “I worry,” they say. But is not true. In fact, the “worry”, because it is more accurate to say I am selecting.

We, the power emits, in inspiring you, you ruined your thoughts.

Your mind is just like a dog. And best trained in the love, affection, compassion, and the training.

Happiness is a state instead of the standard may be an exception for you. Even the most spiritual people who have come to the world (Jesus, Mohammed, Moses and all the way to guide the wise and demonstrators), regardless of levels of enlightenment, pain, suffering and sorrow ensued.

Pain, a part of life.

We are not human beings living a spiritual experience;

we spiritual beings living a human experience.

Your physical body will live through the experience of being human. The people who went up very close to death, is an incredible freedom, together with a sense of pure joy they feel their bodies told them to leave. When we are pure spirit, happiness is the natural condition. Your body is not the owner, his tenant. And this is the process of renting when you can deliver it. A body come to life, because they can live more fully in the love of the Creator. Your body, you learn to love God in a temple.

Reiki and meditation, is not a religion. A multidisciplinary study.
It will inspire you to live a spiritual life you will find millions of books. There are also verifies that all of them, but it’s more than Lawh-i Mahfuz truth is TRUTH.
Lawh-i Mahfuz, gives you more inspiration.

Worrying, is a mild form of fear more. Fear keeps us from loving, gratitude leads to love for us in this.

Worried about how important the issue? When you look through the lens of experience with this issue that concerns you as a human being as important as what?

There is no one correct answer to this question. Worried about on the subject, may be the most important thing in your life where you live. In most cases, it appears not very important and the most important thing of all, even if you live your life, will not worry about your desired solution.

God made a mistake in front of you thinking about removing such a challenging situation?
Many times, doctors, relatives of diseased,
“We did our best, now, we left the rest to God”
I’ve heard say.
I wonder, that they think that God is always where?
When we think God has forgotten us, or actually God protects us, or trains.

Determined MEDITATION TO DO IF, IF continues to change, should be respected. BUT your mind, God can not do anything.
You can change, everything changes.

When Reiki and Meditation

In case of heart chakra to heal, love, mercy and compassion to experience will be much more successful.

We are living in Levh-i Mahfuz century.

History, we want everything to be easy to spot in a. We highly value the ease. We want a pill to improve and fix everything. We want to pass our lives and our children’s life painlessly. So, a new diet, trying a new medication or what they actually are looking for a new religion? Without losing courage that we want to work easily and perfectly.

If you want  healing in any area of your life and if you are willing for this work, you will also encounter the miracles. We are here with Reiki attunaments and Levh-i Mahfuz to get you to live this awareness and to intoduce you with your essence in the Levh-i Mahfuz century.

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