Translation by Pınar Akpınar

If you hear the InvItatIon of the lIght…

Now, I want to tell you a story; I hope you will narrate it to the others and you will be the narrator of this reality. Do not get hung up on the story; just feel it on your heart, know it. This will be  a very good test for your “i” energy and “I” energy.

I will talk about a holy phenomenon which is familiar to your hearts: New Age, its charming features’  turning to be enticing, holding you on the way, and attracting your attention to other directions…

Especially, if you are interested in psychic reading, numerology, astrology and crystals, please never think I speak ill of them. No, I am not talking about them in a negative way. I just want you to see beyond with the help of the story I will tell you immediately; I guess you will understand my point.

It should be known that, in the past, in every term, every dimension, every chosen way, the world has lived a transition period. If you turned back  to Lemuria Age, you would understand what happened to the continent. If you had a look at Atlantis Civilization, you would notice how a small minority had been exposed magnificently to a “I” attack although  it was a civilization in which there are a lot of wise and intelligent people and also a lot of temples.

Those creatures  started to think that they knew everything and every answer and believed that deeply and say “I…. I….I….”. I will command, I will capture, and, this “I” ruined all ancient civilizations such as Atlantis, Lemuria, Paititi, Adoma, Shambala and Nirvana.

Now, you understand that you are in the middle of another transition period; this shortly means that “I” energy will try to get you and do it by eyes, ears, senses and actions of powers  you call dark powers.

You will see the children of light treating selfish, ambitious, greedy about their so called powers. They will say they can heal you, get the bad spirits out of you, save you from negative energies and also give spiritual information, and they are saying at present.

As you see, the “I” energy starts to leak through you. This is the same energy which ruins  Lamuria, Atlantis and Ancient Egypt and also the term I am with you now. The same energy is leaking through the world of the ones who are working for the light.

Never get surprised if you find yourself in a struggle; if you are called  “faker” or alike by the ones who claim to be for the light.

Now, imagine a big and large hall which is going through a big meeting room and think that you have a ticket which will enable all the people interested in New Age movement to join the meeting which will be held here. Everybody in this call are informed about the meeting; However, lots of booths through the hall which are going into the meeting room attract most of the people’s attention.

People in a booth say “wear the pyramids on your head, then you will attain the secret of the big creatures; you will reach Isis’s meeting rooms and will discover who s/he is. The children race against each other to get a pyramid and wear on their heads.

A woman opposite the hall announces you that she herself can teach you astrology the best; So, you turn towards that way and deal with having astrologic map. Others are sitting in a room and listening the voice ” om”. They are said that if they sing it continuously , it will wake them up and get them up to the sixth or seventh intensity level. So s/he will be a light worker and get rid of all his or her past karmas. Could you get my point?

There are a lot of booths and a lot of weird things. Besides, there are some booths which  really draw your attention. There are some booths of crystals and people in here say: Just hold these crystals on your hands and let them cooperate with you.


The woman sitting in another booth opposite the way is an expert on spiritual guidance. She looks like Mary Magdelene. She claims that she is a spiritual healer and will pass you through a special process.

While she is telling you that the power is inside you, you listen to her with a great interest. The woman says ” Tell me the things which you think you do not deserve.” You think that this booth is really interesting and it is worth spending some more time.

However, some kids realize that they are about to miss the main meeting which they are supposed to join. It is predicted that some important information will be given at this meeting.

Through the hall, there are some chamberlains directing people into the meeting room. ” Go on , you are on the right direction, go on, the meeting is about to start” they say. However, most of the children still pause in front of some booths and pay attention to the things they see there. Suddenly a trumpet blow is heard and it reverberates everywhere in the meeting room. Some of you remembering that you have come there for a meeting are directed to this conference room. The chamberlains go on telling the people that they are on the right direction.

While going through the meeting room, you suddenly look back and you see your friend Susie, still waiting in a booth and trying a pyramid. You call out to her, “Sussie, you will miss the meeting” But, she does not hear you, because you have already entered  the meeting room, you have passed from the third density level to fourth density level, it means that you pass through an lighter world and Sussie is still on the third level. She does not hear even a word.

You remember a thing when you step on to the room. You remember that in this incarnation, you have come to the world to carry the light holding it up, to achieve a mission and also remember that the world is in a transition period.

You run an eye over the room and you see a lot of people entering. All of them have been living the same thing and they remember why they have come to this world. You go and sit on an armchair, you look back and see Sussie “Oh My God, She succeeded.” Sussie stops, she listens to her inner voice as others do and joins you.

It is interesting that when she sits near you, you look at her and you realize that she is not Sussie you know. She is  a creature of light whom you recall completely from another time and space. You speak to each other as ” I did not know It was you; Do you remember how we had fight with you? How many times were we be offend and put on a sour face? However, we are sisters and brothers.

You look at the saloon and you see other people know each other as you and Sussie. You keep looking and you remember all these people. What is this meeting, why is it being held? You stand up and walk through the door and you look outside the hall. Still, a lot of people have been doing shopping, continuous bargain and get use of New Age shops and sales.

…….You are aspect of everything existing , you are in a waking and invitation event. What you are living now is the fragment of what is existing now and your divine relationship. You are in this body; but, at the same time,  you are in lots of parallel lives. You have come to this life for learning your lessons, clean your karmas; transform it and join worlds of light again in this way.

Never hang on the sale booths. Remember what they are, I tell you this truth because I passed from this way before.

The things presented to you as attractive and magnificent components of New Age turned to the things holding you on the way, enticing, and  attracting your attention to the other directions.

You become chamberlains who directing people towards the meeting room. Keep telling them going forward the meeting room.

But,   Shh… Never say it by yelling out. Because most of them have not woken up; you do not want to frighten them, because you make them sleep again.

Gather your knowledge, perceive it and know who you are that you can stand there with a shield of light  and sword and shout the reality that you are the light and anything below you can not touch you while an army of angels surrounding you, when the world starts shaking and storms start whiffling,  when the systems start to ruin and when they try  to practise a new law on you.


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