Spiritual meditation

Spiritual meditation using colors

Getting in touch with the inner self as a means of spiritual meditation in healing the body, there are great benefits. According to the energy of a spirit that drives expression of color and guides, here is an example using colors to meditate.

We chose the six stages of meditative work. The use of Reiki is a spiritual meditation with colors meditsyon someone we know who have developed a sense of empowerment. Us the best results are those with serious physical health problems once a day, thirty minutes, twenty minutes of meditation twice a day made, taken or say.

We do not recommend this meditation exercise as a treatment for physical ailments,

a study note that supportive therapy.

Power and ability to concentrate the mind of everyone is different, just like the nature of diseases. However, a person’s immune system actually combines with the inner self can be incremented higher than we think.

First, open the Reiki channel and the intention to heal.

1 – Start with your mind soothing. For all the mistakes that hurt you real or imaginary people to forgive all. Forgive yourself. Please take five minutes for the cleaning of this period, including fears about openly in the energy of all the negative thoughts imagine a black in color. A vacuum cleaner head moves up to the top of the foot nails, pain and illness caused by the pain Think of all the darkness has taken your body absorbs.

2 – Now, create a make-over your head and imagine a light blue, spiritual guide to represent this state. You love him, compassion, mercy, and ask his help to send loving thoughts. Then how in concentrating on breathing and counting breathtaking Spend five minutes more. Relaxation of tension coming out of that and think, watch the breathtaking. Breathe is compatible with your body rhythm.

3 – At this stage, we have our own consciousness to the body to help ensure high-growing white-gold color as the think-begin imagining a balloon. Of you say that: “the immortal part of me within me, I would like to defend my body to the mortal earth.” Now you start to calm down the most profound way. This balloon will attract the purity of white light, and her organs as you send a bunch of power. Because it represents the strength of your immune system white blood cells, the white blood cells, and imagine them as the bubbles move anywhere in your body. This black and white bubbles of light and dark on the power of attacking cancer cells that do not consider them.

4 – If you receive chemotherapy, this treatment support by sending a lavender color. This lavender color you can see the form of an infrared lamp is spreading out to each part of your body. This color is the color of the divine wisdom and spiritual power.

5 – Now, because of the effects of disease or damaged cancer cells to improve the green color of the send. This is the color, the most difficult times of intermittent blue combine spiritual Coach. Choose your own tone and improve the flow of a fluid Think of it as the green-and imagine your insides.

6 – the last stage of a weak mental strength to continue and to give courage and strength to the body once more around your head to create blue-imagining will become. Publication of this halo around the outer parts of your body as a shield. Both within and apart from the light of this love Feel the power of healing. Imagine that you are in a temporary stop and “get well, get well, get well,” its inner voice of your choice to end the meditation by repeating a mantra.

Stay in the Reiki channel drop, let it continue to heal.

As a daily discipline to meditate a lot of hard work earned. There is no one correct way of doing meditation. Everyone needs their own intellectual and emotional system has to find a program that fits within a framework that connects. Deep meditation that will take us to a divine consciousness and personality of the soul will be released temporarily. This release meets, everything is focused on the state as a whole, combining mind, reality is not a different size can be assumed.

We could call it a state of infinite consciousness.

Mind is pure, but when collected in a single center, we are actually people, places, perhaps a lost way of life that we find EXTRACT.

Daily meditation, love, compassion, mercy and love, full of spirits as a means of establishing the existence of a connection may also be helpful.

We are living in Levh-i Mahfuz century.
History, we want everything to be easy to spot in a. We highly value the ease. We want a pill to improve and fix everything. We want to pass our lives and our children’s life painlessly. So, a new diet, trying a new medication or what they actually are looking for a new religion? Without losing courage that we want to work easily and perfectly.
If you want  healing in any area of your life and if you are willing for this work, you will also encounter the miracles. We are here with Reiki attunaments and Levh-i Mahfuz to get you to live this awareness and to intoduce you with your essence in the Levh-i Mahfuz century.

There is no financial concern.

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