Something to keep in mind;

. Something to keep in mind; You should be aware, Your physical body is flawless. creating problems with your body, about your BODY concept and your beliefs. They are imposed on you and also they accept had. If you do not have a concept of a very thin body, Your body is trying to take […]

WORDS , Mantras , NAAD

WORDS – Mantras – NAAD Words, not only because of word meanings from being a forward, for some reason elected to a full explanation of scientific over. The origin of all mantras-the words used in “NAAD” the science of hidden secrets that are based on sounds. Mantras, over and over again to create a change […]

A meaningful story

Fire and human … Centuries ago, an island located in one of the world’s remotest corners of the fire, had gone too late. This island has four distinct tribes, the four corners of the island detached from each other to survive. With students living in a land close to the island is part of a […]