“Think before you yourself do not be angry”

. “Think before you yourself do not be angry” “The other day I insulted myself. I found it very beautiful thing. It was then that I liked very angry at myself. ‘Dumb Burak,’ I said to myself. ‘Why do not you think that before?’ inner voice, I used to be a way He raised his […]

SECRET this philosophy, one imposed failure

. SECRET this philosophy, one imposed failure “At 8 years life from the people closest to me crazy, crazy, herpes, etc. have Dissolution so many negative I have been receiving grace in return. None of the one word I even rebelled, I tried to change his mind is unprecedented. I ‘my madness’ that could other […]


DO YOU KNOW YOURSELF? KNOWING YOURSELF Change, to wake up, to leave the excess for Awareness, an inner struggle, and embark on the study, identifying with dependencies, you should keep facilitating. Located in the unconscious of humanity, will occur automatically at the end stage of sleep task of making life a conscious task, namely to […]

The ability to see visual aura

Capability to EYE AURA The ability to see visual aura, she does not want beating the drums for some of the doors is one of our. Previously, this information is considered to be the monopoly of mystics and clairvoyant, communities were seen as dangerous in terms of use. Some sections of society are still esoteric, or even […]


ENERGY TRANSFER BETWEEN PEOPLE A good friend always say we are pleased with the visit or a loved one due to message. Taking this a step further, sending a personal closeness that made love, made face to face, now with the Reiki healing techniques used, the body’s electrical system is charging too. Without the use of […]